Gambling, Why Its Bad For Us

Texas is going down a road that will legalize gambling of newer sorts than before. There is a desire to have casino gambling, sports betting and other forms of betting as legally acceptable in our state. This is one more step away from listening to God’s way for man. Stop for a moment and think about a couple of things that make gambling wrong in the sight of God.

God is the provider of every good and perfect gift (James 1:17). God made man as stewards of what rightly belongs to Him (Lk 12:42). For us to take what God has entrusted us to care for and waste it on gambling is sinful. Just think of all the money that is lost that should have been used to feed and clothe the poor, care for one’s own family, to carry the gospel into all the world. God did not give us our daily care to squander it on some get rich quick ploy like gambling.

Think also of the fact that we are to want what is best for our fellow man. Gambling sets men at odds with one another. In order to win the other must lose. Often that may mean that a family will go without daily needs. That in no way describes what Jesus taught about loving one another and caring for each other.

It is proven that gambling can and does become an addiction just like drugs and alcohol. A man should abstain from things that cause him to out of control. Gambling will prey on people who are looking to win big and risk everything they have to do so.

When one has such a desire for money that they are willing to hurt someone else to get it they have fallen short of the high standard of God. Does one prove faithful over earthly riches when willing to risk it all? It isn’t possible for that person to be entrusted with the real spiritual riches that God wants to bestow (Lk 16:11).

We could give myriads of examples of how states have promised funding for schools and humanitarian projects from the funding of legalized gambling. Yes, even our state of Texas still hasn’t cured a need for funding of schools even though that was the promise of legalizing the state lottery and lotto. Why would we think that legalized casino and sports betting will be any different. The poor will become poorer and the state will absorb the need to feed and clothe the children of parents who habitually gamble their money away.

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