The Great Scripture Memory Challenge

This is a great way for families to hide the Word of God in their hearts. If you memorize all 100 passages in this challenge you will receive a reward. In fact there is a reward given for each set of 25 passages you quote.

The challenge is divided into groups by subject (like a concordance). Children 1-5 grades only have to memorize the first verse in the passage. Grades 6-adult has to memorize all of the verses in the passage. You can must quote correctly all the passages in the group to receive credit. Its okay if you make a mistake, you can come back again until you get them all right.

You receive extra credit for writing out the passage and quoting it out loud for Joe. Sorry only those who are part of the North Loop Church of Christ family will be eligable for the earthly rewards given. But, you will receive a great blessing from the Lord as you treasure up His word in your heart.

Group One – God, Christ, Holy Spirit and Love for fellow man

Group Two – Man’s Condition Outside of Christ

Group three – God’s plan to save man