Keep Me As The Apple of Your Eye (Psalm 17:8)

This passage is one of my favorites. It brings me great comfort and expresses how close I want to be to the Lord. The apple of the eye is a beautiful word picture. It is the reflection of yourself that you see when you look deeply into the eyes of another.

Eyes are precious to us. We protect our eyes at all cost. Even the Lord knew how much the eye needed safekeeping. In His wisdom God protected the eye in a boney socket which would preserve it from being hurt. He put special eye lashes to guard them from dirt and dust. He fitted them with eye brows to divert sweat from running directly into the eye. He put special ducts to flow cleansing tears to wash out foreign matter.

We all go to special length to defend our eyes from injury even wearing proactive glasses to deflect any damaging objects from reaching the eye. We use lenses that darken light from hurting the sensitive parts from too much sun blinding us. Yes the eye with its ability to see is so important that we give great care to guard it.

Now think of how precious is the one who abides in the eye of God. God has to be watching us intently and closely for us to be contained therein. All the special design is there to keep us safe in that special place. God sees us, guards us, goes to special lengths to protect us so we will ever abide as the apple of His eye.

I hope you realize just how special you are and how much God goes out of His way to keep you safe in His care. As we seek first the Kingdom, God provides for us our every need (Mt 6:33). He values us over the other things He created (Mt 6:26). He is watching over us at all times. He knows when we are hurting or happy. He guides us and keeps us even when we don’t realize it. God’s providence is a treasure we should value always.

Please relish your special place in the center of God’s eye. Do all you can so not to move from that sacred, special spot.

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