Because God Said So

Faith is a puzzling thing. Taking God at His Word because He has proven Himself over and over makes it less so. Faith sometimes requires us to do things we don’t yet understand. Think about the people of Israel while they were in Egypt. At the last plague, they had to consecrate a spotless lamb. They would care for that lamb for 10 days, then sacrifice that lamb taking its blood and painting the lintel and door jams with a hyssop branch. They would feast on the lamb and then burn the remains. They had to stay in their homes while God’s judgment poured out on the unfaithful Egyptians.

I don’t know if this made any sense to them except that God’s prophet instructed them to do it. Faith sometimes demands that we do a thing just because God said so. We may not understand why God uses water baptism to add us to the kingdom. We may not see the reasoning in being in the assembly to eat the Lord’s Supper, sing, pray, listen to preaching, and give as we prosper. We just know that that is what God’s Word tells us to do. We may come to an understanding of these things later but Faith demands adherence without complete comprehension of the ways and mind of the Father.

I do know that obedience is better than sacrifice (1Sa 15:22). Jesus obeyed things that cost Him his life (He 5:8). His humanity called for another way but did God’s will without deviation. A person who knows little about God’s word and ways, may not understand all about the plan of salvation. He may not comprehend the importance of all that God commands of the saint. He just does them because it is what God says.

We must come to God in faith knowing that God commands therefore I must obey.

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