Agnus Dei (Lamb of God)

I remember singing in church at Covington, Texas. Mrs. Gregory was an alto singer that always sounded so pretty. We would sing the song “When I See The Blood”, Mrs. Gregory’s voice would ring out with her perfect alto. But the main thing I remember about that song was how an Old Testament concepts had be brought over to the New Testament. Jesus is the Passover lamb we all need to keep spiritual death entering our homes.

Jesus truly embodied all the qualities of the Passover lamb. He was SANCTIFIED. He was consecrated and dedicated to God (1Pe 2:4; Jn 6:38). He was SPOTLESS. There was no sin in Jesus at all (He 4:15; 9:28). He was a SACRIFICE. He sacrificed His station (Php 2:5-7), Livelihood (Mt 8:20), His very life (He 7:26-27). He is our SALVATION. None other can save (Ac 4:12), He only, has power to save (Mt 26:28). Jesus truly is our Passover lamb!

He is worthy of our worship and life (Re 5:) WORTHY IS THE LAMB. Let me encourage you to make plans to worship with us this coming Sunday at North Loop Church of Christ. We will flesh out this lesson during our worship hour.

1000 N Loop 485
Gladewater, Texas

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