The Great Day of the Lord

Zephaniah brings us a look and warning about the fierce Day of the Lord. He tells us there is no avoiding the judgment that will happen (1:7, 8). He warns that those who worship any god but Jehovah will suffer punishment from the pauper in the street to the king in his strong tower. No one can avoid the judgment of God.

That day is a terror-filled day of decimation and death (1:14-17). All the things many have worked for will fail them on that day (1:18). Notice the descriptive words God uses to describe that fear-filled day.

It will be a day of wrath, trouble and distress, destruction and desolation, darkness and gloom, clouds and darkness, trumpet and battle cry, against fortified cities and high corner towers. There will be no escape from the fearful wrath of God for those who do not obey Him.

These same descriptions foretell the last day when all the earth shall melt with fervent heat and every person shall stand before the judgment seat of God. I praise God that He gives warning about the wrath that is to come. He tells us if we will seek Him there will be grace and mercy and restoration (2:3).

“O do not let the word depart,
Or close thine eyes against the light,
O Sinner harden not your heart.”
Elizabeth Reed

Today is the day of salvation don’t put off what you must do to avoid the Fierce Day of the Lord and embrace the Wonderful day of our Lord’s Return.

Joseph D. Chase
North Loop Church of Christ

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