No Border Crisis

I know there is a great controversy over the open border to our country. The main issue is coming into this country illegally, coming in without following the established rules. These rules are there to protect our nation from anyone who would harm its citizens.

However, the draw of living in this country lures many hungry, poor and needy people who need refuge and help. Some are escaping despotic leaders, drug cartels, and other horrible things. They want to live here and enjoy the freedoms offered here.

Isn’t this similar to Heaven? Many want to go there. Some will do everything required to enter that city. They will follow the entrance requirements so they are assured entrance when they arrive at the border. However, there are some who want to enter without following the rules set by the King.

The King wants everyone to become citizens of Heaven. He even died to pay the cost of entrance and to purchase a home for each person who truly wants to be a subject. However, some do not want to obey the requirements for entrance and they cannot have a home in this heavenly kingdom. Notice that the entrance requirements ban certain individuals from coming and the rules are there to keep them out.

The devil tops that list, his helpers and angels will not be able to enter. Those who do not follow the lamb cannot enter heaven. Paul lists a group of people who must change in order to go to heaven in 1 Corinthians 6:9-11. God has put up a boarder to protect the city letting in only those who meet the entrance requirements. Those who will not meet these standards cannot enter in and will not hurt those who do.

If you want to make Heaven your home, I’d love to share with you what God requires for entrance and to claim the home Jesus wants to build for you.

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