Why Don’t We Talk About Hell?

There are some passages we don’t like to preach about or even talk about. But Jesus didn’t avoid them. He loved us too much not to warn us.

In Matthew 25, He talks about the end of the world, telling us there will be many who won’t go to heaven, but to a place prepared for the Devil and his angels. It is a place of fire, darkness, separation and regret. Jesus knows no one truly wants to go there.

How cruel would it be to know someone is headed there (knowingly or unknowingly), and we never warned them or tried to turn them back to God? Even the rich man of Luke 16 wanted to warn his brothers not to come to where he was.

The time for us to snatch people out of the way of hell is shorter now than ever before. Our hearts need to be filled not with fear, but love for anyone who is headed to Hell without knowing the way to avoid it.

Sunday morning we will talk about teaching and preaching about Hell. Please come and study with us from God’s Holy Word.

Joseph D. Chase

North Loop Church of Christ
1000 N. Loop 485 Gladewater, Texas 75647

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