Jesus Truly Loves Sinners

I wonder how many people feel they are too much of a sinner for Jesus to love and save. I would guess it is a lot. Why do you suppose it is that way?

It is a good thing to feel great guilt and sorrow for sin. Paul tells us that we should have godlysorrow that leads to repentance. You need to know that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God (Rom 3:23). Each person was unworthy of the love of God and the sacrifice of our Savior. Jesus gave His life for the worst sinner that you can imagine. I am sure that Jesus sees the worst as needing His love the most.

Jesus’ blood is efficatious for all sins. There isn’t a sin that the blood of Jesus cannot sin. The Hebrews writer told us that the blood of bulls and goats couldn’t do what the blood of The Lamb of God could do. Please see that Jesus does not care what you have done rather He wants to love you and save you in fact He has already paid the price for your sins.

We who are saved must be careful not to get too prideful in our salvation and look down on any sinner. We cannot feel superior to anyone. Paul always saw himself as the cheif of sinners. We need to show our love and share with everyone the compassion that Jesus had for us.

Please, please if you feel you have sinned too greivously for Jesus to love to remember that God so love you that He gave His only Begotten Son to die for you so you should not be lost.

If you are saved by the blood of Christ share with others how that happened for you. Don’t judge or see others as too broken to be mended. As John Bradford felt “but for the grace of God there goes I.” You are only one short step away from leaving Christ yourself. Be careful for the devil is trying right now to steal what you gained in Christ.

Please contact me via PM if you would like to see how to turn your life around. I am ready anytime to study God’s word with you.

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