Faithful Children and Leadership

Have you given thought to the continuance of the leadership within the church of our Lord? The responsibility of each congregation is to have elders and deacons, teachers and preachers in every congregation. For that to happen we must rear our sons to not only become elders or deacons but our daughters to be elder’s or deacons wives. It cannot be stressed enough for fathers to train up their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord (Ephesians 6:1-4). To be an elder his children must become faithful Christians following in the path set by their parents. Rearing faithful children does not come easily. Parents must teach and train their children to exercise a mind of faith and action that shows faithfulness to the Lord.

This training should be so ingrained in one’s children that it goes with them throughout each child’s life. If we read the Bible clearly, we learn that God wants our children to be faithful adults. Think about how God’s anger was kindled against Eli’s sons. Did Eli instill in his own children a love for God and His laws? Unfortunately, no!
I beg parents to use all their strength and power and mind to share with their children the importance of living for God through out the entirety of life. We are not truly successful if we lose our children when they leave our homes. Yes, children have their own mind and their own homes but do you cease having influence and training just because of a child’s age? Do your offspring stop being your children because of age? Remember Jesus was under his parents leadership even at the age of 30.

We have an awesome responsibility to produce elders, deacons, preachers, Bible teachers, missionaries within our own offspring. How are we doing at this point? What do we need to change to insure we have done our part?

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