Stop Giving the Devil What He Wants. Don’t Be Divided

“Therefore, as the chosen of God, holy and dearly loved, put on affection, compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, patience, putting up with one another and forgiving one another. If anyone should have a complaint against anyone, just as also the Lord forgave you, thus also you do the same.”
‭‭Colossians‬ ‭3:12-13‬ ‭LEB‬‬

The book of Colossians is so apropos for today. When it was written, Paul was thwarting the devil’s use of division. At that time people divided over Judaism mixed with a strange form of Gnosticism. They believed that special knowledge and goodness came to them for n keeping feasts and depriving themselves of physical needs and comfort.

The devil divided people in that day through government edicts. Worship no one but the Roman Caesar and his pantheon. Denouncing Caesar worship and paganism was dangerous to those living under Roman rule.

Today the devil divides us by pitting skin color and nationalities against each other. Even in the church we are dividing over government rules. Yes, mask wearers are against those who don’t wear one. “Vaxers” are saying you cannot like be God if you’re putting the health of the nation at risk by refusing to be vaccinated. Christians are drawing lines over this and judging and hating one another over these issues.

I’m certainly not smart enough to know if we are better off with the various vaccines. Masks have scientists “proving” they work and that they don’t work and cause worse health issues of f you wear one for extended periods.

I do know that the devil is behind the hatred and vitriolic behavior toward fellow saints. If he can keep us infighting then the Lord’s work suffers. If we disagree we certainly need to do so kindly. We must do what we can to show our willingness to get along. We need to be loving, patient, and caring while disagreeing.

Joseph D. Chase


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