We Have Good News To Share

Heaven is a wonderful place
Filled with glory and grace
I want to see my Savior’s face
Heaven is a wonderful place (I wanna go there).

This is a song that many youth groups sing. It expresses how each Christian should feel. Another song expresses it this way

“I’m kind of homesick for a country
To which I’ve never been before
No sad goodbyes will there be spoken
In time won’t matter anymore” — Squire Parsons

Heaven seems to take up much more of my mind than when I was younger. I suppose it’s because I’m closer to leaving than I’ve ever been before. It could also be that the world is just getting too wicked to have a hold on me. It could also be that more and more of my loved ones is there. Whatever the reason, I enjoy thinking about the joys of Heaven.

We have the wonderful task of inviting others to go with us to Heaven. Unfortunately, the task seems daunting and we avoid it. But if we stop and consider what we offer people, it should only be natural to tell them. Everyone needs to know that the alternative to Heaven is more terrible than anyone can describe.

Will you not take a few moments and tell someone about the real home that awaits the saints when this life is over? You’ll never regret this effort.

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