Isn’t God Wonderful

Jesus told us that God cares for the little sparrow (Matthew 10:39-41). He feeds them, he cares for them, watches over them even to the point of knowing when they fly from one place and light in another. Jesus said all of that to remind us that God takes even better are of us who are of greater value than the sparrow.

Go with me, in your mind, back to the days of dinosaurs. Job mentions 2 of them in his book. But let’s focus on what he says about Behemoth in 40:15-24. First we see that God gave him grass to eat, self protection with strong muscles and a stiff tail like a cedar tree, his inner workings tie him together so that he cannot be easily over taken.

But note that God not only gave him sustenance but a place to play and relax in the shade. This great beast had nothing to fear for God had provided him all he needed to live and live well.

I don’t know how many dinosaurs walked the earth or swam in the seas, but, I do know that the earth had to produce a lot of vegetation to feed them. God did that specifically for these huge beasts. God had a caring heart to give them not just the basics but the cool marshlands and protected coves covered with reeds which gave him confidence to rest when weary.

Those animals teach us a lesson. Lean heavily on God’s watchcase and mercy. He will care for you. He has provided you with the things you need most. Your soul can be eased knowing that Jesus paid for your sins and opened Heaven’s gates for a you if you will believe and obey Him. Let us all look forward to the day we will rest in the arms of the God who loves us most!

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