There Never Was a Pulpit Like the Cross

On a horrible hill in full view of the sinful, hateful world the sweetest, most gentle lamb of God was brutally butchered to redeem all of us who should have been crucified. I don’t know of an act that proclaims “I love you,” more than that precious and abhorant image. The innocent died for the vilest who would and will ever live.

That act proclaims the greatest love that has ever been. It offers the greatest mercy ever bestowed. If forever calls a lost and dying humanity to come back to the God who loves them. Preachers cannot find a way to express the profound ramifications of this benevolent act of a kind and merciful God. We can only point to it and remind people what happened on that cross.

One of my favorite songs ever sung by Gary Miller and Vocal Union is “There Never Was a Pulpit Like the Cross.” These lovely words express an unchanging truth that we need to hear and proclaim to every person in every place under God’s sun!

“Oh, there never was a pulpit like the old rugged cross
And there never was such a meeting place as Calvary
There never was a greater lesson preached on love by mortal man
And there never was a pulpit like the cross.”

Words and music: Sam L. Sullivan © 1984 Anthony K. Music (ASCAP)

I point you today to that scene where Jesus hung between earth and sky, beaten, bloody, broken yet triumphant. He won the great battle for freedom from sin forever. In His final words stand a proclamation of the finality of the work of God in redeeming mankind. “It is finished.” Will you let this great gift go unreceived in you life? Please don’t. Surrender to the master in obedience to Him.

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