He Cares Much More For You

One great song that never gets sung enough is one many consider a child’s song. It should be on the hearts of all of us who believe and love God.

The song written by Johann Wilhelm Hey back in the 1800’s brings to life the beauty of God’s loving care for His creation but most abundantly for us.

Can You Count The Stars of Evening?

“Can you count the stars of evening
That are shining in the sky?
Can you count the clouds that daily
Over all the world go by?
God the Lord, who doth not slumber,
Keepeth all the boundless number:
But He careth more for thee,
But He careth more for thee.

Can you count the birds that warble
In the sunshine all the day?
Can you count the little fishes
That in sparkling waters play?
God the Lord their number knoweth,
For each one His care He showeth:
Shall He not remember thee?
Shall He not remember thee?

Can you count the many children
In their little beds at night,
Who without a thought of sorrow
Rise again at morning light?
God the Lord, who dwells in heaven,
Loving care to each has given:
He has not forgotten thee,
He has not forgotten thee.”

So weary world traveler know that with all that bombards the Great God of Heaven every moment, He has not nor will not forget you. He hears you when you laugh and cry, sees your hurdles and your laurels. It thrills Him to care for you and breaks His heart to see you hurting.

Our dear brother Peter the apostle tells us to “cast your burden unto Him for He cares for you” (1 Peter 5:7). Look to Him who loves you best. He will sustain you at all times.

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