Love Everyone Like Jesus Love You

I imagine that many will be surprised on the Judgement Day. Because many of us, like the religious leaders in Jesus time turn blind eyes toward the hungry and hurting. These people are ever present in our lives but seldom does their plight move us to meet their needs.

There are more homeless people today than anytime today I can remember in my 58 years on the planet. There are myriads of children without fathers, some even without a mom to care for them. Many of those children are shifted to grandmas and grandpas who are weary and hurting themselves.

Just think of how many people have ravaged their bodies with drugs, alcohol and wasteful living. Many of them have never heard that there is a family of God who will stand with them as they try to pull their lives back together.

Jesus loved people and when he saw them hungry he fed them. When he saw them trapped by sin he offered grace, mercy and a road to wholeness in God.

Take a moment to let your light shine for Jesus by feeding the hungry, supporting the weak, raising the fallen and loving people because God loves us.

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