Do Good Where and When You Can

It is so sad that horrible things are happening to children at the border to our nation. It is more sad that it is a political game. From what I understand many of these children and teens are moved here by human traffickers. These people are criminals. They could care less about the health or welfare of the young people they smuggle or push through our border. These children are nothing more than a way to make money for the traffickers.

Ranchers and farmers along the border report finding dead and dying people dumped by these traffickers
When somebody is sick or cannot keep up they are left behind with no one to provide food, shelter or medical help. Even worse, there is rampant sexual abuse and sex slavery brought on by these criminals. Many of these children have never been immunized against childhood diseases thus bringing a rise in illness among the overcrowded holding areas. It is doubtful that COVID-19 precautions are being followed in route to the border and probably impossible to enforce in these over capacity holding areas.

These are children we are talking about. Their parents are sending them here via traffickers in hopes that they themselves can enter later on if their children are granted amnesty or citizenship. These children are put in danger so parents can “shortcut” or jump the legal process of immigration.

How can we stand by and not feed, clothe and house them? If we try to send these little ones home who is to say they would be reunited with their families? Many laws are broken and the true sufferers are the innocent.

It is going to take the wisdom of Solomon to fix our border situation if it even can be fixed. It has opened a huge and grand opportunity for Christians to help feed, foster and care for the innocents. Our Brethren on the border need our help to care for and evangelize these young ones who are in dire need.

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