Danger of an Untamed Tongue

Wise disciples have trained their hearts and tongues. A child of God speaks only things approved by God. The early church preachers and writers spoke as the Spirit gave them utterance. They used their voices to proclaim the gospel and to build up the church.

They were truly wise to speak things that were profitable, speaking the truth in love and defending the Faith against the gainsayers. Such a profound difference between them and the fools who let Satan control their tongues. These prideful sinners spoke things that tore down the good, hindered the gospel and blasphemed God. Jesus told us that the heart controls the tongue. When a man is filled with spirit it is evident by what he likes to talk about. Conversely, the carnal heart expresses its fleshly desires.

Controlling your speech takes bridling the desires of the flesh and mind. It takes constant guard for the tongue is never truly tamed. It is captured and harnessed and watched after like a tiger in a zoo. We know that any moment the wild tongue can spring into a deathly rampage killing and maiming and destroying.

If you want to have better things to say, fill your heart with God’s Word. Think on wholesome, lovely, spiritual thoughts. Quit spending your breath speaking lies, gossip, course jesting and such base things.

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